Humanogram 3What do you do when your mother insists that the humanogram of your father is actually your father?
Join in on the fantasy, of course. It’s far less painful than grieving.

Evelyn: F, 60s English. Lives in England
Thandy: F, 30s, English. Lives in Germany
Father: M, 30s, non-speaking. Only appears on camera

Thandy’s living-room and Evelyn’s bedroom onscreen.

10 minutes

Humanogram was originally commissioned by LoNyLa for their international Timewave Festival. The play was produced in front of a live audience in London and simultaneously streamed to sites in New York and the rest of the world.

EVELYN: So, that’s a plan, then. And, when you do come over, perhaps you can show me how I turn him off. I have no idea how much electricity he uses.
THANDY: Can’t you ask Ajay?
EVELYN: I don’t want to be rude.
THANDY: Fine. But, Mum?
EVELYN: (To man) Let’s tidy up your collar, shall we?  Yes, dear? (Evelyn tidies his hair) He’s handsome, isn’t he?
THANDY: I didn’t realize. Can we leave him on for a bit?
EVELYN: Of course, dear. He looks just like you. He’s the age he was when you were born.
THANDY: Um. Uh. You…chose that?
EVELYN: Of course I did. That was a marvellous day. See? There were some things your father did very right.

Humanogram Rehearsal - tech