The Troglodytes

Rose is frustrated with her job, her sister, the Bush government and now, her mother is coming to stay. She starts dating a philosopher, and chooses to warp her reality rather than face it.

Wet Ink Festival, NY. Director, David Hilder, Actors, Andrew Dolan and Sam Underwood

Rose: (F, 30s) A New Yorker.
Lillian: (F, 30s)Rose’s richer, bossy, younger sister.
Dolores: (F, 60s) Their mother.
Matthew: (M,30s)Philosophy teacher. Socially awkward. Energized.
Ignudi: (M) timeless male beauty, from the Sistine chapel.
The Mona Lisa: played by the actress who plays Dolores
Voice: unseen, male, played by the actor who plays Matthew.
Muzac Voice: unseen, female, played by the actress who plays Dolores.
Young Lillian – played by actress who plays Lillian.

Rose’s New York apartment.

A cafe.
The world of ideal forms.

90 Minutes

Lark Play Development Center, Playwrights Week Finalist
WetInk Festival, Reverie Produtions, 59E59th Street

Rose enters the cafe.
ROSE: Are you-
MATTHEW:(Interrupting) I think I am, yes. Am what?
ROSE: You’re Matthew?
MATTHEW: Matthew. My name anyway, if not my substance, ha!
-Of course not my substance. -Um. -Ahem.
ROSE: Oh. (About coffee) For me? Thanks.
MATTHEW: I hope so, yes. Lillian said Latte, is that-
ROSE: With Soy milk. Yes. Organic.
MATTHEW: Ah. Ah. Organic.
ROSE: I always get organic.
MATTHEW: Ah. Not sure if-.
ROSE: Or at least I ask for organic. To make a point.
ROSE: Even if I know they don’t have it.
MATTHEW: They don’t.