The Adelaide Chronicles

950AD. Castle Garda, Italy. In order to secure her throne, Queen Willa of Italy wants her son, Prince Adalbert to marry the lovely Princess Adelaide. The trouble is, Adalbert is actually a full-sized puppet, and t having a puppet for a son can be a major disadvantage in the marriage stakes, particularly when nobody wants to admit it.

Willa: (F, 50s) Would-be queen of Italy. Mutton dressed as lamb.
Berengar: (M, 50s)Willa’s husband. Would-be king of Italy. Short.
Adelaide: (F, 20s)Young queen of Italy.
Ermingarde: (F)The maid.

The receiving room of the palace.
The dungeon.

75 Minutes

Semi-finalist, Mill Mountain Theatre
Nominated for Cherry Lane Mentor Program

BERENGAR: We might be visiting Pavia sooner than I thought.
WILLA: (Excited)Is he dead? Is he dead?
BERENGAR: Yes. King Hugh passed away two days ago.
Willa jumps for joy. Then she notices Ermingarde and contains herself.
WILLA: How very, very sad. What else does it say?
BERENGAR: (Reading) And it appears that…hum, hum, hum…Yes, it appears I’ve been designated ‘Chief Councillor of the Realm’ (To Ermingarde) Give orders to pack up, immediately.
WILLA: How marvelous!…And sad.
Ermingarde, reluctantly, exits. They wait for her to leave.
WILLA: What on earth is Chief Councillor of the Realm?
BERENGAR: Basically Lothar has to do everything I say.
WILLA: How exciting!