That Fracking Play

That Fracking Play
  is a surreal comedy about why it has been so hard to get the message out into the public consciousness, as well as a love story about Tom, a widower coming back to life after the death of his wife. The madness of the current political and environmental situation is reflected in the madness of the play’s structure.

With the exception of Tom, all of the actors play several different parts – can be done with a cast of 6 or 7.
Doubling, with a cast of 7:
Actor A – male:    Tom
Actor B – female:  Penny
Actor C – female:  Sara, Isopropanol, Sexy Voice-Over, P.A., Actress-model
Actor D – female:  Methanol, August, Sexy Woman,  Cheryl,
Actor E – male:     Dan the horse, Charles Sandford, Jeremiah, Formaldehyde, Modal, Guam, Chair, Happy Healthy American 2, Simon Foster
Actor F – male :    Horse Tey, Chime, Shar, Floor manager, Happy Healthy American 1, Waiter
Actor G- female:  Sunflower, Sandra Deering, Nitrogen, Happy Healthy American, Antonia Lunder

Upstate New York, in the environs of a fictional town called Ionia, in the fictional Duke’s County. Several locations – suggested.

100 Minutes

SARA:   We need to talk.
TOM:    Sara. You’re dead.
SARA:  That is so diminishing.
TOM:    It’s right there in the definition.
SARA:   You have to rub it in.
TOM:    Is that an accent?
SARA:  No.
              Look, I’ve been given a deadline-
TOM:   Loved your deadlines.
SARA:  Tom, this is-
TOM:   Didn’t meet your book deadline, though-
SARA:  Well, I died-
TOM:   And while you were holed up in there with your books-
SARA:  -Dying-
TOM:   I had to deal with the frackers, and the debts, and the farm being under threat-
SARA:  You have it so bloody hard.