Rick Spacey and the Space Detectives

The Great Frump is inconsolable as he has lost the key to the gold store. It is time to call on Rick Spacey and his Space Detectives! This interactive play, the children become the detectives and join Rick as he travels to Cowboy Planet, encounters the Wobblies and is accosted by Pirates.

Lincoln Hospital, Bronx, NY

Rick Spacey
Actor 2 – Page, Hank, Wobbly, Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones
Actor 3 – Great Frump, Marv, Wobbly, Red Beard

All suggested with trunk and backdrop

25 minutes

Regularly performed in hospitals all over New York City, by Only Make Believe

Great Frump sits on the trunk and wails.

GREAT FRUMP: Ohhhhhhhhhhh.OhWohhhhhh. (muttering)Inconsolable, insoncolable, inconsolable. (Loud) Ohhhhhhhhhhwohhhhhhhhhh. (Muttering) Inconsolable, inconsolable, that means disconsolate, which means very, very, very UNHAPPY. Ohhhhhhhwohhhh. (She continues in this manner)
PAGE: Ahem.
GREAT FRUMP: Ohhhhhhhwohhhh. Inconsolable, inconsolable, inconsol–(etc).
PAGE: Ahem. Great Frumpness?
GREAT FRUMP: Yes, yes? What?
PAGE: The little Frumps are here to see you, M’am.
GREAT FRUMP: Can’t you, you know, get rid of them?
PAGE: They must see you now. They have been waiting.
GREAT FRUMP: Oh, alright then. Show them in.
Page coaches two kids in audience, who read out printed IOUs.
KID: You owe me five frumps of gold–
GREAT FRUMP: Five frumps? What on Planet Frump do I owe you five Frumps of gold for?
KID: For picking up all the leaves.
PAGE: Very important job, Great Frumpness. Here we have another –

Only Make Believe Production