Penny Black

SYNOPSIS: Glad, a wild 55-year old, ransacks her deceased father’s living-room, looking for his Penny Black stamp. Bron, her older sister and cancer survivor, has been there before her, and she uses the stamp to leverage change in Glad’s life.

Bron:     (F,50s) a liar.
Gladys: (F,50s) lung cancer survivor who smokes

Living room.

10 mins

Selected for Playlabs, Great Plains Theatre Conference, 2008
Finalist, Women at Play(s)4, 2009
Semi-finalist, Heartland Theatre, 2010
Selected for permanent archive, Eileen Heckart Drama for Seniors, 2009
Chosen for Words & Wine reading series, NYC, 2011

BRON:    Where’s your car parked? On Praed? For sure?
GLAD:     Yes, I told you.
BRON:    They’re digging up Praed.
GLAD:     Then, then near Praed.
BRON:    Where?
GLAD:     Around. Near Praed. That’s the sign I saw, I took as a marker.
BRON:     The whole area. Being dug up. They’re laying new pipes, see.
GLAD:     I know that. I saw it. The digging. That’s why it took me so long to park, ‘cause of all the digging. What’s the big deal?
BRON:     There’s no digging.
GLAD:     There is. On Praed Street. All around. They’re laying pipes.
BRON:     No. No pipes.
GLAD:     No pipes?
BRON:     No pipes. So, Gladys, where’s the car?
GLAD:     I came by bus.