Milk a Cow’s Tail

What do you do when you are offered a ton of money to allow natural gas drilling on your farm? Dixon is forced to decide between two of her closest friends, who’s farms back on to hers, and the fate of her own daughter.

Ron(M, 50s)
Dixon(F, 50s)
Pat(M, 40s)

Milk a Cow's Tail

Elowyn Castle, NY Production. Photo:Lee Wexler

Bar, upstate New York. Many empty beer bottles.

12 Minutes

The Drilling Company, Debt Season.
Chekhov Festival, Ridgefield, CT.

PAT: Come on, Ron, we have GOT TO SIGN!
RON:-Now wait a minute-
DIXON:-Calm down, Pat-
PAT: They ain’t gonna go no higher!
RON:-They always say that!
DIXON:-Look what happened to Barker-
RON:-They always go-
PAT:-Barker’s a chump-
RON:-He can’t even pay his debts with the money he did get-
PAT: After the town vote, they ain’t gonna go no higher, that’s what the landsman lady said-
DIXON: He’s right about the vote, Ron-
PAT: Forty-five hundred an acre. On the whole one-fifty-
RON: Forty-five?
DIXON: Lotta scratch-
PAT: Had to make her squeal for it, though-
DIXON:-You’re disgusting-