Military 4Play

What option do you take when there are no good options? Military 4Play bounces between the recent Iraq conflict and World War 1, and follows the story of four soldiers who each try to do the right thing in the wrong situation.

Cameron Jamarr Davis, Hangar Theatre Production

Mackey   – 17, M, English
Eva           – 34, F, from Pittsburgh.
Danny      – 17, F, Edna’s daughter
Frank       – 35, M, Military ethics professor
Martha    – 32, F, Frazier’s longterm girlfriend
Woman  – 30s,F, a farmer
Contractor-30s,M, in the battlezone
Kelly       -20s,F,  Daniella’s friend
Jaks         -20s,F, Daniella’s friend
Gerhardt -23, M, German
Sergeant  -30s,M,British

All suggested with table and chair

Hangar Theatre

75 minutes

Danny on bench, in uniform. She sorts out her pack.

Mackey enters.
MACKEY: Hey, hey.
Danny briefly looks up, returns to her pack.
MACKEY: Mind if I-
DANNY:    It’s a free country.
MACKEY:  And we’re going to keep it that way.
DANNY:     Damn straight.
MACKEY:  Feisty.
DANNY:     Do I know you?
MACKEY:   I dunno. Do you?
Beat. Mackey sits, brushes his jacket. Danny clocks his uniform. Mackey smiles – Works every time.
MACKEY:   Wanna hear a poem?
DANNY:      No.