Last Word

A modern take on the Greek revenge tragedy, Flo does everything she can to make sure Pearl returns to the family fold, including keeping her prisoner and wreaking her slow, psychological revenge. But, it’s funny!

Flo: (F, 40s) Bitter. Passive aggressive.
Pearl: (F,30s) Flo’s younger sister. Recovering alcoholic.
Charlie: (M,30s) Pearl’s boyfriend. Sex addict.
Young Flo: Played by the actress who plays Flo.
Young Pearl: Played by the actress who plays Pearl.

A remote  house. New England. The kitchen/living-room

90 Minutes

The Drilling Company, The Factory Reading Series
Semi-finalist – National Arts Club, NYC

PEARL: Look. If I upset you-
FLO: (Upset)I’m not upset.
PEARL: You obviously are.
FLO:     I said I’m not upset, Pearl, so that means I’m not upset.
PEARL: Flo, listen. I owe it all to you. My apartment, my job, Charlie, / it’s all-
FLO:      Charlie?
PEARL: I told you about him.
FLO:      Nope. But, that’s fine. I obviously slipped your mind. You can tell me now.
PEARL: I’m sure I did.
FLO:(Derisive)Did you email?
PEARL:  I wrote. A card. I did! I wrote you a note.