Johnny’s Girl

SYNOPSIS: Frustrated with her suburban married life, Miriam takes an impulsive action which spins her own life and that of everyone around her, into an entirely different orbit.

Miriam: (F, 40s)  Frustrated in her marriage, her job and her life.
Patrick – (M, 40s) Miriam’s husband. A man who lives in denial.
Beatrice- (F, 20s) Their daughter. Emotionally stunted.
Johnny – (M, 17)Troubled, needy and highly sexualized.

A nondescript, large suburb of London. Somewhere like Harrow or Watford.

Semi-finalist – O’Neil Playwrights Conference.
Prp Theatre New Play Festival.


MIRIAM:  I have this new wine I’d like to try. It’s Chilean. They’re supposed to make good wines there. Cheap. But good. Your father brought it back from one of his supermarket jaunts. If it tastes nice, it might be an actual bargain. It’s chilled, anyway. A chilled Chilean. Would you like a glass? Beatrice. Would you like a glass of wine? How long are you going to keep this up? You’re going to have to speak to me at some point-
BEATRICE:  How long is Dad going to be?
MIRIAM:      At last!
BEATRICE:  I’m only asking so I know how long I have to endure your company. I don’t have anything to say to you, mother, so please stop trying to make conversation, and pretending that nothing at all has happened, because it has. / I’m waiting
MIRIAM:      I’m..
BEATRICE:  for my dad, okay? That’s the only reason I’m here. So please, stop talking to me, and trying to be my friend, because I’M NOT INTERESTED!
MIRIAM:      I’m only asking if you’d like a glass of wine. Would you?
BEATRICE:  Yes, please.