Ginto & May

Ginto & May play at being superheroes until they find a real one, who needs real, superhero help.

GINTO: A kid(6).
MAY: Her sister(8).
SUPERMAN: A superhero.
Ginto and May are played by adults.

A park.

10 Minutes

Ginto and May run about being superheroes. They wear their coats as capes, the hoods on their heads.
MAY: May and Ginto fly down from the sky, weeee, close to the ground, so close, they can feel the breeze against their eyes-
GINTO: I want to choose.
MAY: They fly into the cave of the..Angry Cheese. Ginto and May fighting death and goo.
GINTO: Why do you always get to choose?
MAY: Someone has to. It’s ninety degrees.
GINTO: A hundred degrees.
MAY: Thermometer’s rising. A hundred and ten.
GINTO: I’m choosing.
MAY: A mountain of Gouda slides across the mouth of the cave.
GINTO: Cheddar is better.
MAY: Gouda is more gooey. That’s why it’s called Gouda.
GINTO: That’s not fair.
MAY: The Angry Cheese sends out the Stinky Cheese Army. But May and Ginto have a secret weapon.
GINTO: I choose it.
MAY: Lester!
GINTO: Stop! I wanted to–