SYNOPSIS: A West Point Ethics professor returns home on leave after witnessing a terrible crime on the battlefield. Despite his girlfriend’s best efforts, the memories of this crime render him unable to function in and for the country he had previously so admired and loved.

Frank Collison as Frazier, at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference, Alaska

Frazier: (M,30s)
Marsha: (F,30s)
Contractor: (M,30s)
Woman: (F,20s)

Marsha’s living room.
The war zone, also inside Frazier’s head

15 mins.

The Drilling Company Security 2 Season
The Last Frontier Theatre Conference, 2007
WBAI: Theatres Against War, Dec, 2007

“The political pieces include Sheri Graubert’s G.R.A.P.E.H.E.A.D.S., directed by Hamilton Clancy, in which a soldier returning from the War in Iraq finds himself tormented by the memory of a brutal murder committed by an American civilian contractor…A standout includes Dan Teachout as the damaged soldier.”     NYTheatre.com

CONTRACTOR:  You see? You know I’m right. Them grapeheads’ll  take
                                 every chance they get.
 FRAZIER:             Don’t call them that.
 FARMER:             I will pretend to eat it. Then give it to the dog. The  dog
                                 loves  birthday cake.
MARSHA:             Food’s arrived.
FRAZIER:             If we cease to value human life-
MARSHA:             That’s pretty heavy for chinese food. Frazier, you’re  being
                                 really weird. Did they gas you or something?


Dan Teachout, Frazier, New York Production