Dave Space-Out

Rick Spacey returns. This time he is forced to take his loser brother, Dave Space-Out, with him on his adventures.

Rick Spacey
Actor 2: Dave Space-Out, Mr. Spacey, Nick
Actor 3: Mrs. Spacey, Singalong, Liberty

All suggested with trunk, backdrop and the audience.

20 Minutes

RICK SPACEY: (On phone device) Yep, yep, we’re onto it, Mr. Rex. We’ll find him. You’re right at the top of the cookie jar. Don’t you worry. We’re professionals, and we’ll find your son
Hangs up.
RICK SPACEY: (To audience) See, this is my cookie jar filled with assignments. So many assignments, so little time. I’m glad you’re all trained space detectives. You can help me. This is the latest, see?
Kids reads.
KID SPEAKS: Mr & Mrs Rex have lost their son, T.
RICK SPACEY: But it’s a big job. T could be anywhere in the entire universe, see? But we can handle it. You know why? We’re space detectives! Now where do you think T-Rex could be? On which planet? (Answers from kids.
MRS. SPACEY: (From off, interrupting answers) Ricky, Ricky, baby. Ricky!
RICK SPACEY: Hey, no-one calls me Rickey. (Realizing) Except MY MOM! Oh, no! It’s my mom! Hide me, hide me, can you hide me here?
Rick tries to hide in amongst the kids, but Mrs. S, unaware that he was trying to hide, sees Rick and grabs him.
MRS. SPACEY: Ricky! Honey bundle! Ricky, Ricky baby!
She smooches and squishes his cheeks.
RICK SPACEY: Mo-om. I’m at work. There are people here–
Mr. Spacey enters.
MRS. SPACEY: Boy are we glad to–So, this is where you work? Nice place, very nice place, a little, let’s call it cozy, real cozy.