A Few Good Eggs

Julie and Kara are excited about all of the designer clothes they could buy if they sold their eggs, as they wait for their best friend, Courtney, to return home from Iraq. Courtney, however, has more pressing concerns. A Few Good Eggs was inspired by working with some young Iraq vets who had been injured in the current conflict but were receiving no health insurance.

Julie: (F 21)
Kara: (F 21) Friend of Julie
Courtney: (F 1) Soldier

Julie’s living room.

Selected from 150 to be 1 of 10 for Words of Choice festival

15 mins

JULIE:   Totally. Hey, I could get that Diesel dress!
KARA:    Which one?
JULIE:   You know, the one with the, you know it’s got the-it’s, like ,that dark pink and it’s got the, the thing–
KARA:    Bow.
JULIE:   Yes! At the back, with the low–
KARA:    I love that dress.
JULIE:   With the–(she indicates her arm)
KARA:    Serious.
JULIE:   Fits me really well.
KARA:    It does.
JULIE:   See, I could buy that. It only costs–
KARA:    With six thousand. Hey, if you did it twice–
JULIE:   Totes McGoates.
KARA:    Gonna do it?
JULIE:   Sell my eggs?
KARA:    It’s a great dress.