The New York Times – Measure for Measure:
…Ms. Graubert, is an immaculate and appealing Isabella…

The Village Voice – Measure for Measure:
“Sheri Graubert as Isabella is able to steal moments to express the subtler, more ambiguous aspects of her plight. At times, her way of watching and listening to others is as expressive as her verse: under the flow of her argument one can detect the fear and self-doubt that give it such vigor. When her character flares, the entire play and production come into sharper focus – perhaps nowhere more than in its last moments, as Isabella realizes the Duke plans to marry her. In the space of a few seconds, Graubert’s face moves through confusion, dread and anger, growing ever more alert, as if readying herself to face this latest challenge to her dignity.”

Theatremania – Hamlet:
“As Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude, Sheri Graubert performs with a cool sensuality, leaving no one to question why Claudius would kill his brother and claim Gertrude as his wife and queen.”

Matinee Magazine – Helsinor:
“Montgomery meets his match in Sheri Graubert’s Gertrude, who’s reserves of strength and sensitivity positively glisten in their scenes together. To say that their tender moments are romantic almost misses the point, because their love is both cerebral and sublime. It’s a grown up relationship, one that finds its refined bliss behind the closed doors of a library.”

Matinee Magazine – Helsinor:
“….her monologue about the king’s lecherous obsession…is reminiscent of Helen Mirren’s bravura monologue in Peter Greenaways’ The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover….Sheri Graubert’s raw emotions, underplayed to perfection..”

Curtain Up-  The Propaganda Plays:
“I’ve seen and enjoyed Sheri Graubert before. Her twin roles here give us a chance to see her dexterity and intuition put to great use.”

The Village Voice – The Propaganda Plays:
“And some fascinating folk they are, acted with comic panache by Sheri Graubert…As if casting a spell, she leads him through the cave…and forces from him the truth of his attraction to her.”

Show Business – The Propaganda Plays:
“Graubert’s Sheila is every bit the rebellious, emotionally tormented high schooler.”

Backstage -The Propaganda Plays:
“Sheri Graubert, particularly as Sheila in “The Allegory of the Cave,” impressed particularly, displaying a keen ability to display manic energy without pushing.” – Alice the Magnet:
“In a nuanced performance by Sheri Graubert, Alice is the epitome of anodyne eloquence, her soothing cadence and measured, self-assured gestures nearly a parody of all those ‘viewers’ choice’ gurus that flood PBS during pledge week…Alice’s presentation is one of thoroughly ‘evolved’ clarity, and when she inquires serenely if we ‘feel fear,’ we’re eager to believe that the faint whiff of snake oil might instead be some fragrant variety of green tea.”